Community Link Creates Level Playing Field

Wednesday 16th July 2014

Llangennech Schools' playing field will be transformed to provide a level sports pitch for both the schools and Llangennech Association Football Club with work starting on Thursday 17th July.

Llangennech AFC has been attempting to secure new facilities for football in the village for over 15 years now.  The lack of facilities in the village has put both logistical and financial strain on the club.

Today, an email containing five simple words spelled out a change in fortune for the club formed back in 1982.

"All systems go.  Starting tomorrow."

The sloping school field has been in place since the school was opened in 1952 has itself been a limiting factor for the school as the quality of games is affected by the four metre touch line to touch line drop.  This development will enhance the quality of sports provision for the school and we're sure all sports clubs in the area will join us in being delighted with that.

We as a club are excited about working in partnership with both schools and would like to place on record our thanks to the Head teacher, Mr Anderson and the school governors for securing the development for the benefit of the Llangennech community.  Special praise must also be given to Councillors Gwyn Hopkins and Gwyneth Thomas for helping to secure the funding as well as the Llangennech Community Council for their support of our plight.