The Club Launches New Walking Football Sessions!

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Llangennech AFC are pleased to announce the launch of new club walking football sessions!

Walking football has only been a recent development in Wales, with the first over 50 international game versus England taking place in September 2018.

The Club looks forward to continuing to deliver its ethos of diversity in offering everyone in the community opportunities to play, following up on the launch of the trend-setting “Llan Pops” veterans team in September 2018!

Post-pandemic, the group will meet for sessions at Llangennech School sports hall during winter, with a view to utilising community space at Llangennech Park to play outdoors during summer months.

Llangennech resident and legendary HGV driver Brian Mcauley, who has been enjoying walking football since 2019, said “It's a great way of getting exercise without fear of overly-exerting yourself and I would say that it is just as mentally stimulating as it is physically. The social aspect is also a great part as it’s a relaxed, fun environment - I can only describe it like being at the pub with mates, but we’re actually exercising! ...We do sometimes go to the pub after as well though!”

If you’re interested in taking part in walking football, or indeed getting involved with veterans football, then please contact the club via the email address

You can read more in general about walking football here: