Welcome to the New Website!

Tuesday 3rd July 2007

Some of you will already be aware of the fact that I will be living away in Aberystwyth from September of this year studying for a degree in Internet Computing.  That coupled with the fact that I no longer play for the club has led to me contemplating how to keep the website going with regular updates next season.

The answer was to find a convenient way of letting you update the website yourselves with minimum fuss for me or you.  From now on, I am giving you the chance to write news articles to appear on the main website.  To do this simply click on the "News" page and then click on "Add A Story".  You will be greeted with six text or drop down fields to fill in.  (Can I ask that you don't change the date that automatically appears in the date text box, as that is the only format I can get it to work in at the moment.)  Once you have typed up your article you may click "Submit".  All articles will be moderated before they go up on the web, at the moment just by me, but I hope to add more moderators at a later stage.

If you browse around the site you'll see a few pages awaiting development, including some fresh ideas.  I will be working on these sections over the next few weeks and months.  Some of them will be considerably harder for me to do than others but I hope that my University course along with my brother's exceptional talents will help us to make this website the best of its kind!