Llangennech U11's V Camford blues

Sunday 11th January 2009

Llangennech came against one of the best defencesive units around . Camford Blues are a well organised team with  players quick on the break so were always a threat on the break.

This game was technically of a very high standard with players on both sides showing great touch and vision. This made for a hard fought game  which Llangennech played some great football in to score 4 times in the first 3 quarters but camford scored 5, 3 coming from long range shots which not even Cai Morris in goals could save.

The 4th quarter saw llangennech show why they are a difficult team to beat. The character of this team shows that they never give up. Combine this with the skill and fitness demonstrated by all players , the 4th quater had the crowd on their feet shouting for more. This was a quarter dominated by the llangenench attacking line controlled by the midfield in which lloyd Francis shining example. Even a camford side with such a good defence could not suppress the wave after wave of attacks put together by llangenench, Jordan Badman, Tom Roberts and Fraser dickson are a formidable unit on any day but when you add in the ingredient of urgency they can riot. This is exactly what happened they put relentless pressure on camford and scored one goal with a deserved equaliser, then another came quickly. There was no thought in llangennechs mind to ease up and goal aftre goal came . All players contributed to a great game of skill and determination.


Final score : Llangenench win 5 - 9