Llangennech U 11s V Llan Rads

Saturday 31st January 2009

Llangenench travelled to Penygaer to play this away game against Llan rads. llangennech rested a number of players as they have a busy schedule coming up.

Llangennech dominated this game from the start and were 4 - 0 up after the first quarter with goals from Jordan, Tim, Dan and Tom. The llangennech goal was hardly threatened but llangennech had to concentrate and not get carried away with themselves. score 4-0

The second quarter saw a number of changes to the team but the result was the same, Fraser looked dangerous every time he got the ball and scored two in quick succesion, lloyd worked tirelessly in midfield an got a deserved oal. Midfielder Daffydd got in on the scoring with a cool finish also. llan Rads scored a goal themselves after a llangenench move broke down in midfield and were caught on the break. score 8-1

The third quater saw Cai have a spell in defence and did not put  foot wrong where he was strong and played the ball forwadr purposely to his midfield when in possession. Scott in defence was strong and made some great balls forwardinto space to set up attack after attack. The pressure llangenench put on Llan Rads was relentless which could have resulted in a number of goals which just evaded them. A goal did come from a brilliant goal from Dan from close to the halfway line. Dan saw the goalie off his line a lobbed the ball inch perfect off his head into the goal, it could only be saved  if the goalie was 4 foot taller. Leon played well in defence as he marked his play out of the game and looked strong in each challenge. score 8-1.

The final quarter saw changes again, as all players had a run out, Tim played again strong in defence and tidied up any loose ball that came his way, Tom Roberts was a quick and strong as ever and looked dangerous every time he had the ball at his feet. When Jordan and Fraser took to the field jJordans quick feet and instant control dazzled the oposition and played his temmates into space.  llangennech had a lot os possesion again and a lot of corners expertly taken by Jordan. Fraser scored in this quarted with a great text book header aimed towards the floor of the goal which left the goalkeeper just flapping his arms. Nathan played some good passing moves throughout the game which linked the defence nad strikers quickly to set up a number of breakaway moves. One of the final kicks of the game saw a rare lapse of concentration from Cai as a llan rads shot squirmed under hiss body goalwards, only for Tim to dart out of nowhere to kick the ball safely away.

Final score Llangennech 10 llan Rads 1