Llangennech U11's V Dafen

Wednesday 25th February 2009

This game was played under floodlights down llangenench park.

Team : Cai Morris, Tim thomas, Owain Thomas, Ieuan Thomas, Daniel Breddy, Lloyd Francis, Tom Roberts, Jordan Badman, Fraser Dickson

This game was a fantastic advert for mini football. The quality of the football from both sides was breathtaking. The combative nature of both teams meant that every ball was contested in this evenly matched game. The first goal came from a break away move by dafen after llangennech had the majority of possesion. Llangennech howver are not a team to lay down  and replied with a well worked move by fraser passing down the line and Jordan slotting the ball in the goal. This high tempo game saw Llangennech have a lot of the ball but a second goal evaded them , and with dafen good on the break always presented a threat when a move broke down. This is exactly what happened before th first quarter finished. score Llangennech 1 dafen 2

The second quarter continued the same as the first but Tom roberts made an apperance and his strong quick running soon caused problems for dafen. The Dafen goalkeeper however was in outstanding form and saved a number of shots  and the Dafen defence were quick to block shots from Fraser, and Jordan. Dafen themselves had a couple of attempts which were dealt aptly by cai in goals who looked commanding at the back. score Llangennech 1 dafen 2

This game was so evely balanced that the smallest things would make the difference. Llangennech again had the majority of possesion but couldn't get that goal that they deserved. Slick passing between Fraser and dan, a strong defence with Tim , Owain and Ieuan and Tom working tirelessly produced a number of good chances but the Dafen defence threw themselves at every shot  to thwart every attempt.. Dafen scored a goal from a corner as they sqeezed the ball in by the front post.Dafen scored a second as Llangennech pushed forward  as they are a team that pounce forward quickly on the break. This quarter finished Llangennech 1 Dafen 4

Llangennech changed their formation in tis quarter as they attcked dafen, With Tim in defence and 3 in midfield and 2 strikers llangenench looked menacing. They continued to play the ball about and enjoyed most of the possesion in the Dafen half but that elusive goal still wouldnt come despite coming near on numerous occasions. Playing with one defender was always a risky strategy but Tim was again outstanding and swept up everything that did come from midfield , until  another quick break by dafen saw 3 players push forward to score .

Llangenench can take a lot of credit from the way they played as they never gave up until the final whistle . They played a very good team in dafen , and on another day the result could have been very differnt. This game showed the best of mini football and was played in a good nature eventhough it is hard to imagine a more combative game.

Final score llangennech 1 Dafen 5