Llangennech coach to sue hypnotist

Thursday 5th March 2009

A football coach at Llangennech is set to sue hypnotist Rod Stevens, the coach who cannot be named for legal reasons, is sueing Mr Stevens following his recent appearance at the Llangennech Community Centre since which the coach claims his quality of life has been diminished by the fact he cannot now play his extensive collection of Tina Turner records for fear of his wife rampaging through the house assuming the identity of Tina Turner the coach went on to grumble " Why couldn`t he have made her into Beyonce Knowles" the coach was last sighted heading towards Hmv at trostre in an attempt to get his money back. A spokesmen from Hmv has stated that the money will not be refunded as they are unable to re sell pirate cassette tapes. In 2 other separate incidents in the village investigations are underway as to why all of a sudden a boy band have been seen singing outside the Castle public house and why sales of fags have suddenly plummeted in the village.