Friday 10th April 2009

I have to say I was very disappointed with how second-team was supported last night.  I have said on one more the one occasion recently that we need everyone available and supporting the 1sts in their promotion push.  So to be witness to some of the treatment OUR players received last night from the sidelines is very disheartening.


We are the supposedly senior sides in Llangennech AFC, and therefore should play and conduct ourselves as such; like adults not children.  Even the Suburbs Management and players couldn't believe that the people on the sidelines were from Llangennech.  The Second Team won the game, okay, against a less than convincing Suburbs side and some of our players did not play well on a difficult surface and I also concede that a bit of friendly banter is part of football.  However, this should be mixed in with a bit of positive encouragement! A number of players contacted me after the game to voice their concerns and I have to say I agree with them. Things went too far last night and our players came off the pitch feeling that they had lost the game not won it.


I have been at the club nearly 10 years now and have seen on two other occasions, just when the club is on the verge of something special, we seem to implode and throw it all away.  I won't let that happen again, so on behalf of those players who were less than supportive last night, I apologise to the Second Team.  I also ask once again that you support the first team, as you have all season, in the final push for promotion.


If anyone feels that they need to apologise to their fellow club members then please feel free to do so, as I have said like an adult, this Saturday, which ironically is when we will need a big turnout from everybody in the club!