Coaches Wanted

Friday 5th June 2009

Coaches are needed to run the club's junior teams next season.  The under 7's need two coaches, with the under 6's and Girls under 12's needing one coach each.  All teams must have two qualified coaches and first aiders as per FAW rules.

If you are interested contact Martin Williams on 07965447430 or e-mail .  The club will pay for you to attend the compulsory FAW Football Leaders course and First Aid course.

The current line-up of coaches for 2009/10 is as follows:

Under 14's

Rhys Wakely
Jordan Fudge

Under 12's

Mark Thomas
Adam Jones

Under 11's

Nathan Phillips
Stewart Clark

Under 10's

Gwil Williams
Wyn Matthews

Under 9's

Richard Jones

Under 8's

Craig Anderson
Simon Wheeler

Under 7's


Under 6's

Marcus Charles

Girls Under 12's

Helen Williams