Mini-Football Summer Switch Proposal

Saturday 11th July 2009

At a league meeting on Tuesday 7th July a proposal was put forward by Camford Football Club to switch the under 7's to under 10's seasons to the summer.  The reasons being better weather, meaning better pitches, more games and more people watching.

Under the proposal the under 11's season would continue to run from September to May.

As Junior Secretary I'm keen to gather the opinions of all coaches, players and parents who will be affected if the change goes ahead, before the meeting in September where it will be decided whether to proceed with the change.

You can talk to me in person, phone me on 07965447430, e-mail or leave a message on our Discussion Board.

Mini league proposals for summer switch

Season to commmence on Sunday 1st March and will continue until 10th May with a break for Easter 12th April and all teams will continue to play home and away.

From May 17th until July 12th all games will be played at 4 centres excluding Whitsun 31st May.  All clubs will contribute a sum of £25 for the upkeep (markings, grass cutting) of these centres.  From this period all teams can arrange games on any days to suit both teams to allow for summer sports ie cricket.  All fixtures should be booked with a designated person to make sure of no double bookings.  If we work together then one club might put up posts and then another use straight after and bring them down.

We then incorporate the children's summer holidays into our league and will not start back up until 6th September and play four league games until the mini finale day on 4th and 11th October.  If Stebo is not available they think that we should rotate the finals to give an opportunity for all clubs to raise funds for their own club.

e.g. 4th October u7,8 & 9's to play at Loughor with them organising burger van, tea stall, pitches and they could keep any profit made for their club.
11th October u10's to play at Burry Port with same incentives.

Under 11's to remain the same due to 11 a side starting in September.

Four-a-side For Under 7's

One new measure that has already been brought in for the new season is the four-a-side game for under 7's players.  Workshops will be held with all under 7's coaches in the area to show how the new format could be run.

Also, the under 11's will increase from seven a side to 8v8.