Mini Player's Registration Deadline Next Week

Friday 18th September 2009

Please note that to be eligible to play in the first round of games scheduled for next weekend, all regsitration forms need to be returned by Thursday 24th.

To register you need to return:

  1. Player registration and enrolement form.
  2. Player and Parent Code of Conduct signed by both player and parent.
  3. £5 registration fee.

New players will also need to provide the following:

  1. Registration card.
  2. Passport photograph.
  3. Proof of age, e.g. Birth Certificate.

If you have any queries contact your team coach or the Junior Secretary, Martin Williams on 07965447430.

Carmarthenshire Junior Football League Mini Section

Llanelli & District Conference

Guidelines and Laws


  1. All under 11 section games will be a MAXIMUM of ONE HOUR playing time, broken down as follows:

    4 periods of 15 minutes with breaks of up to 5 minutes before each quarter.

  2. All under 10's games will be the same as above.
  3. All under 9 games will be a MAXIMUM of 4 x 11 minute periods with breaks of up to 5 minutes prior to each quarter.
  4. All under 7 & 8's games will be a MAXIMUM of 4 x 11 minute periods with breaks of up to 5 minutes prior to each quarter.  In festival scenarios play 11 mins against each team for a max of four different teams.


Goalposts must be used and must conform to current safety standards as laid down by UEFA.  They must be regulation size of 12' x 6' and secured with weights or anchors for under 9 -11's.  For under 7 & 8's if Pugg goals are absent, 12 x 6 goals are acceptable.


Size 4 footballs must be used for all age groups in mini football from aged under 9 -11.

Size 3 footballs must be used if available for u7 and u8's, if not size 4 can be used.

Pitch Dimensions

Under 10 & 11 teams - 60 x 40 with 10 metre arcs for goalkeeper area (not across width of pitch.)

Under 9's can play on 60 x 40 pitch but will play on 40 x 30 pitch on Finals Day.

Under 7 & 8 teams will play on 30 x 20 pitch maximum with 6 metre arc for GK area (U8's only)

Playing Laws

Under 10 & 11 goalkeepers cannot kick the ball direct from hands (throw it or drop it to floor).  If ball is dropped to floor opposition can challenge for the ball.

Whilst it is recognised young GK's can't kick far, they should be encouraged to pass the ball.  Goal kicks and corners as per FA laws.

No offsides.

All free kicks are DIRECT.

Throw ins - ball must be thrown as per FA laws BUT no foul throws to be awarded.

Opposition players must be 3 metres from ball at free kicks and 3 metres from goal arc for goal kicks.

All players MUST wear shinpads (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Any player wearing glasses must have written parental consent and be advised to purchase safety sports glasses.

Under 9 - 11's

It is recommended that each team should have a maximum of 12 players in squad per game.

Under 7 & 8's

It is recommended that each team has a maximum of 6 players, no restriction on squads but they must break down into 4 a side teams or 4 + GK for under 8's.

Where possible there should be no players standing watching ALL should be utilised in a 4 v 4 or if necessary set up another game of 3v3 or 2v2 for others.


  1. Each player must be registered on the official registration card.
  2. A photocopy of each child's birth certificate must be produced for registration to be verified.
  3. Attach passport photograph to top right hand square when handing in to be verified.
  4. On signing by registration secretary you will receive the cards back to be held by club.
  5. Registration cards must be available on match days.
  6. All players must be under the age on 1st September of the given year to be eligible and attending primary school.
  7. Female players will be allowed to play down one year if their club does not have the appropriate age group available.

Fixtures and Management

  1. No club or team can cancel a fixture to play in or organise another festival, tournament or carnival.
  2. No festivals, tournaments or carnivals can be arranged on dates set by Mini Football Conference unless agreed prior to commencement of season.
  3. All teams must have a minimum of 1 football leader award holder (ideally 2) as manager/coach.  Likewise for 1st aid available on the day of matches.
  4. Any manager/coach not qualified must attend the next available course.
  5. All managers/coaches must be aware that FL Awards are only 3 years duration and must be revalidated before three years expires.
  6. Home teams to find out colours of opposition and arrange alternate colours if needed (bibs acceptable) (away team to change).
    1. Under 7's to kick off at 10am and can play a maximum of 45 minutes actual play per day.
    2. Under 8's to kick off at 11:30am and can play a maximum of 50 minutes play per day.
    3. Under 9-11's kick offs can be arranged to suit both teams as long as it does not interfere with u7 & u8 fuxtures.
    In all circumstances Arthur must be informed.
  7. Home teams to supply team sheet and forward completed sheet to Arthur within 4 days inclusive. (applies to under 9 - 11 only)
  8. Sunday is the recognised Conference Day, however, if teams agree to play on Saturday or midweek this will be acceptable but Arthur must be informed prior.  Non agreement means teams must play on Sunday.
  9. F.A.W. & Conference rules state:
    • Under 7's - 4 a side (on pitch) no goalkeepers, (subs if present must get on pitch every 2 minutes).
    • Under 8's - 4 a side plus a goalkeeper (on pitch) (same rule for subs)
    • Under 9's and under 10's - 7 a side including a goalkeeper (on pitch)
    • Under 11's - 8 a side including a goalkeeper (on pitch)

Official Addresses & Tel Numbers

Colin Staples Ty'r Nant, Parc Trostre, Llanelli.  SA14 9UT (POSTAL ADDRESS).
Tel 01554-744347 (office) or 07792-229235 (mobile)

Arthur Jones, 12 Florence Street, Llanelli.  Tel 01554-758719