Dafen 3-1 Llan

Tuesday 19th October 2010

Squad: Josh Watkins, Baris Hakman, Callum Jenkins, Corrie Morris, Jordan Saunders, Dafydd Green, Jordan Frampton, Sam Evans, Zack Tinuuchie, Jack Evans, Liam Williams, Sean Brinn - Davies, Jordan Davies, Kieran Partridge, Haccha Rai, Aaron Thomas.

Dafen 3-1 Llan

An optimistic Llan side were hopeful of securing a first league win away at Dafen. Unfortunately it never materialised as a combination of a poor technical display and lack of passion condemned Llan to successive defeats. Dafen struck first midway through the first half, though Llan were back on level terms when Liam Williams struck a superb drive from the touchline over the goalkeeper.

The match turned in favour of Dafen as a Llangennech attack should have ended with a goal. Zack out on the left supplied his fellow winger Sam with a great opportunity with a pinpoint cross, however, Sam couldn't direct his shot on target. From the resulting goal kick Llan conceded a sloppy goal when no challenge saw the ball bounce to Dafen's right winger, and with no challenge again from Callum Jenkins at left back a good cross was well dispatched at the far post.

In the second Llan went close on a few occassions as Corrie Morris did well before a save from Dafen's goalkeeper one on one and Daf Green struck the bar with a volley. Although Dafen coped well and scored a third to secure the win. Llan's basic skills and desire were most disappointing and must improve for next week's fixture.

Man of the match: Corrie Morris