Llangennech 1 v 3 Camford Whites

Sunday 20th March 2011

Two moments of indivdual brilliance cost Llangennech dearly as we slumped to a disappointing defeat to Camford Whites.

Two goals from the impressive Max Borghessi (Camford) and a deflected goal were enough to see us off during a tight and close contested match at the Park. Our play during the whole of the match was frustrating to watch as the tempo and effectivness of our potential when passing the ball was sadly lacking.

Oliver Smith continued his goal scoring streak as he netted during the 3rd quarter with a well timed run and a placed finish passed the helpless but busy Camford Goalkeeper,  chances came by often enough but resilient play from their defence and some good saves from their keeper made scoring difficult.

SQUAD: Ben Matthews, Peter Watts, Brandon Mason, Nathan Hinchliffe, Fenton Andrews, Oisin Williams, Sion Thomas, Kieron Frampton, Jay Richards, Jack Grovesnor, Jac Cross, Ethan Walley-Scott, Oliver Smith.

GOAL SCORED BY: Oliver Smith