Who's Who?

President & Vice President (VP) –  Graham Banfield & Ricky Harper (VP)

Honorary, ambassadorial roles bestowed upon someone associated with the club historically, who may previously have made a significant contribution to the club in some way, for example as a player, coach, committee member or club sponsor.

While not expected to be directly involved with the day-to-day running of the club, the President / VP are invited to attend any management committee meetings to support and contribute as they see fit, in a non-voting capacity. Also seen as a Senior Representative of the club, providing a public face, those in the roles should always aim to help promote the club in a positive fashion, encouraging support of the club’s ventures and championing the club’s ethos and objectives.

The club would usually aim to invite a President & VP to sit for a period of one year, with the intention of the Vice-President to take over for the following year. Should anyone in the role feel that they’d like to extend their period of active contribution to the club in some capacity, then they are always invited to join the management committee, thereafter.


Chairperson – Emyr Williams

Lead meetings. Direct & oversee committee procedures. Remain detached & objective in any discussions. Point of contact for all committee members, offering continued support. Work with committee to identify all the goals, roles & tasks to complete throughout the year. Monitor progress of tasks.


Vice Chairperson– Curt Roberts

Deputise for the Chairperson if they are absent & help to support others in their roles.


General Secretary – VACANT

First point of contact for the League Secretary with the responsibility to respond. Delegate matters to the relevant sub-secretary members, if required. Oversee & support the roles & deputise in the event of absences within those roles.


Senior Fixture Secretary – Neil Bryant

Weekly liaison for opposition club Secretaries for senior games; arrange kick off times, confirm match venue, referee, post-match hospitality arrangements.


Junior Fixture Secretary – Emma Evans

Weekly liaison for opposition club Secretaries for games aged U12 to U16; arrange kick-off time slots, confirm match venues, referees.


Senior COMET Registration Officer Martin Williams

Registering new senior players to FAW COMET system.


Mini & Junior COMET Registration Officer – Katie Mcauley

Registering new M&J players to FAW COMET system.


Girls COMET Registration Officer – Katie Mcauley

Registering new M&J girls players to FAW COMET system.


Club Treasurer – Martin Williams

Keep up-to-date records of members' fees. Make balance sheets available for club members to audit the accounts. Provide the club with an end of year financial report to present at the AGM. Advise Management Committee of cash flow problems. Deal with all financial matters on an ongoing basis.


Mini / Junior (M&J) Treasurer – Rhian Roberts

Assist Treasurer in updating balance sheets for members. Assist in providing a M&J end of year financial report. Deal with all M&J financial matters on an ongoing basis (i.e. quarterly equipment check) & keep Club Treasurer informed of issues.


Accreditation Officers – Katie Mcauley / Nathan Mcauley

Ensure that the club strives to achieve a Gold standard FAW accreditation. Apply for grants / budgeting. Recruit & co-ordinate volunteers to support club activities. Club contact point for Junior Leagues Accreditation Officer. Keep up-to-date records of volunteers' qualifications. Identify & recruit potential volunteers. Offer appropriate support & training to club volunteers.


Safeguarding Officer – Chris Neve

Dissemination of the FAW Welfare Policy within the club. Point of contact for minor safeguarding queries. Implement best practice at club level. Contact point within club for National, Area Association & League Welfare Officers. Undertake necessary training & attend meetings relevant to the Welfare Policy. Act as a role model & demonstrate good practice in relation to the FAW / CSO Code of Conduct. Act within the guidelines as detailed within the FAW Welfare Policy Procedures & Practices document.


Sponsor Liaison Officer (SLO) – Emyr Williams / Curt Roberts

Follow up on leads for new club sponsors & present them with the packages the club will offer in return for their support. Work with communication officers to ensure sponsors get exposure throughout the season. Taking lead from committee on targets / needs.


Head of Football & Development – Nathan Mcauley

‘B’ Licensed candidate to oversee both the senior & M&J coaching structures, mentoring, club accreditation & scheduling. Regular presence at all training, point of contact for all club coaches. Liaise issues to committee. Implement philosophy & culture.


Kit Officer – Chris Meredith

Manage kit order via Google Forms survey. Liaise with Treasurer, COMET registration secretaries, parents, players & kit manufacturer to ensure timely order & delivery of playing kit. Manage Club Shop products and club merchendise offers.


Media Officers – Jack Williams (Lead), Rhydian Soady-Jackson, Celyn Williams

Update club's social media outlets. Produce on-the-go news updates. Create ad content for events, exciting & innovative promo & video content to ensure club maintains a cutting-edge social media presence. Provide sound & vision technical support for club events. Specifically support the SLO in promoting businesses via a regular promo program.


Facilities Officers – Curt Roberts, Neil Bryant, Martin Williams

Monitor & keep on top of maintenance of club facilities, i.e. container, equipment, housekeeping, storage facility. Liaise with committee / park keeper. Ensuring the marking of lines for the main field at the park is done by liaising with the LBSA and maintenance contractor. Liaise with contractor with regard to assessing the on-going condition of the pitch. To communicate any concerns to the community council via LBSA. To oversee that the contents of the cabin remain in a servicable state and to report any poor housekeeping issues. 


Events Officer – VACANT

Oversee all club fundraising efforts are run smoothly, including promoting events, ticket sales & attending. Take lead on project managing a sub-committee of club “bite-sized” volunteers who have been appointed to run events such as presentation night. Working closely with the Costing Officer & Treasurer for budgeting, with the LSO for event sponsor opportunities, & Communications Officer for social media promo.