Vision of the Future

As the club embarks on another season of amateur football on the field, off the field there is an industrious team facing up to the challenges of the day to day running of a football club such as ours.

Within a village that has, since 1885, traditionally thrived on a proud rugby heritage; 97 years later, there evolved a small corner of the community where the dream was to build a football legacy that, one day, would be worthy of its own acclaim. The expansion of the boundaries and rise in population of Llangennech in the time since now sees a village with almost 6000 inhabitants. The demand for opportunities to participate in multiple sports is at its highest ever.

Since it's establishment as a football club seeking friendly matches in 1982, Llangennech AFC has epitomised the definition of the underdog. Through never having a real ground or established long-term clubhouse to call home, and the subsequent knock-on effect of this leading to a lack of funding from sponsors and sparse support from the community in the shadow of the more established rugby and cricket clubs. This - coupled with the club's aspiration to ensure that football remains accessible to all by maintaining a very affordable scheme (thus often attracting less-affluent members of the Llan and surrounding communities, who simply can't afford to play for other clubs) - means the club has survived from hand to mouth for the majority of its existence. Reliant on the weekly submissions of the players to ensure that the League fees, admin, training and equipment overheads are met; it has always been a case of fighting, not folding.

This is in no way through a lack of effort by volunteers and club affiliates over the years to find a home. However, the hurdles that have been obstructing progress has caused the erosion of enthusiasm from one generation to the next.

Nonetheless, there is a renewed vigour within the club with a strong representation of Mini and Junior sections being established, and a fresh approach in our efforts to ensure the club maintains long term backing from the community by being pivotal in organising community social events and supporting local charitable causes, while offering payback to the sponsors that support our vision via innovative ideas in order to drive business toward them.

The club currently has a team of dedicated volunteers who are geared towards a common goal of establishing the club's long term future, both financially and through the development of a thriving junior and youth player program into an established senior set up.

Llangennech AFC's morals remain the same as they started out in 1982 - a club that offers the best it can in order for members to have a platform to enjoy and be successful both on and off the playing field. With an environment for volunteers to flourish with long term development in mind off the field, while the ever-increasingly professional coaching set up allows players - both young and old - to express themselves while being encouraged to play an open, attractive and technical brand of football - the Llan Way. This philosophy hasn't always bred trophy-winning success, but has given rise to an identity that the club achieves recognition for.

The next stage in the club's story is to build on what we already have and achieve and maintain some success on all fronts. Whether it be further competition silverware, helping develop and support young players to achieve their potential and move on to earn their honours and - in some cases - selection by professional academies; or securing land to develop a football facility to really call our own. We are currently working alongside other sports clubs and organisations within the community through the newly established Llangennech and Bryn Sports Association (Est. 2018) in order to achieve short and long term answers toward that vision.

With the continued work of the volunteers that help run the club, from committee and coaches to parents; from young and old players to sponsors - we shall continue to work towards the dream of one-day having a legacy that former players will be proud to say, "I played for The Llan".

Beware the Underdog.